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Portworx by Pure Storage and MongoDB announce new partnership integration that unifies develop experience for all data services

Pure Storage has just announced its partnership between its pioneering Database-Platform-as-a-Service (DBPaaS), Portworx Data Services, and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, a self-managed database. Pure Storage is responsible for some of the most advanced data storage technology and services worldwide, and its one-of-a-kind partnership with MongoDB may revolutionize the way developers build modern applications. Enterprises can integrate MongoDB with Portworx for easier adoption in on-premises, private cloud, or hybrid environments.

In order to manage database lifecycles as databases scale with multiple deployment models, DevOps teams battle increased operational complexity, investing significant chunks of time and effort to provision, setup, configure, and administrate database instances to build a platform. These challenges worsen when developers adopt additional data services for other use cases.

MongoDB addresses these challenges with its platform built by developers for developers, making it easier to work with data. The platform gives developers a way to quickly build distributed applications at scale and easily access, analyze, and manage the data within their applications.

“MongoDB is excited about our new partnership with Portworx Data Services,” says Lars Herrmann, VP of Partner Ecosystem, MongoDB. “Integrating MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with Portworx will accelerate time to value for development teams. By combining MongoDB’s document database and Portworx’s Database-Platform-as-a-Service, we’ve enabled today’s enterprises to meet the most demanding database requirements – all from a single management layer.”

The integration of Portworx Data Services into the platform gives enterprises a single pane of glass through which they can deploy and manage MongoDB clusters along with the end user’s technology stacks.

Benefits of the new partnership integration include:

Automated MongoDB lifecycle management: Enterprises can integrate their own self-managed MongoDB database and enjoy fully-managed on-premises cloud deployments, significantly reducing time to market for distributed applications.

Greater operational efficiency and lower infrastructure costs: Organizations running MongoDB can save significantly on infrastructure costs with just-in-time, automated, and thin provisioning. Furthermore, Portworx allows enterprises to manage their entire MongoDB data pipeline from a single pane, freeing up teams to utilize existing resources and personnel more effectively.

Hybrid environments united by a single platform interface: Enterprises using Portworx can manage, support, and operate their entire MongoDB data pipeline, covering development, monitoring, testing, quality assurance, and production, and even including the additional data services needed to build applications across hybrid environments.

“Speed and innovation are the principles that form the foundation of every strong development team, with the use of modern databases to build and deliver new, innovative applications driving a significant competitive advantage across industries,” says Venkat Ramakrishnan, VP of Product Management and Engineering at Portworx by Pure Storage. “We’re excited to enable joint customers to eliminate the complexity and cost associated with managing modern databases, and offer a single platform to manage multiple tools, portals, and distributed- and microservices- based applications using MongoDB.”


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