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Solo.io Launches Gloo Partner Network to Accelerate Cloud-Native Adoption at Scale

Solo.io, a leading innovator in application networking, today announced a new global partner program to drive market momentum by collaborating with technology and cloud providers as well as resellers/integrators. Solo.io’s Gloo Partner Network, which already includes strategic partnerships with AWS and Nordcloud (an IBM company), aims to lead the industry into the next era of cloud-native adoption by connecting and securing Kubernetes, Zero-Trust, APIs and Microservices at an unprecedented scale.

“Since the inception of our Partner team in April 2023, we’ve witnessed rapid growth in our partner ecosystem, which drove over 50% of our business last quarter,” said Kristian Gyorkos, VP of Global Alliances and Channels. “The global launch of the Gloo Partner Network program is a significant milestone in the journey toward a cloud-native future. By strategically aligning with top-tier partners, like AWS, and expanding our network of cloud-native service partners, Solo.io empowers organizations to embrace the next generation of technology and achieve global success.”

Solo.io is at the forefront of cloud-native technology, offering innovative solutions that facilitate the evolution of digital businesses. With the global demand for Solo.io products on the rise, the focus on indirect sales has become a key element in achieving significant growth. Through the Gloo Partner Network, Solo.io equips its partners with the necessary tools and resources to explore new markets, meet customer needs, and drive robust growth within key industry verticals such as financial services, high-tech, retail, healthcare, government and more.

Solo.io’s Gloo Partner Network targets technology alliances, cloud partners, and system integrators and resellers, providing the following benefits:

  • Technology Partners: Allows clients to maximize the value of their technology ecosystems and drive digital transformation with confidence and efficiency.
  • Cloud Partners: Ensures clients have access to the most relevant and effective solutions, enabling them to leverage the transformative capabilities of the cloud ecosystem.
  • Resellers/Integrators: Supports clients’ desired outcomes through seamless transitions, optimized systems, and cutting-edge solutions.

“Partnering with Solo.io not only amplifies Amazic’s product portfolio with innovative cloud-native solutions but also fosters joint marketing initiatives and collaborative solution development, further cementing our position as a leader in the European market.” says Mohamed Yassini, Founder & CEO of Amazic.

Like to learn more about the Gloo Partner Network? Join this webinar.


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