Video interview: Sarah Polan talks in-depth about secrets management for cloud-native systems

Dynamic secrets are the new normal for Kubernetes systems. Though this is possible today, it is not yet mainstream. Sarah Polan, Field CTO at HashiCorp, talks about her work in the open source space, and with HashiCorp Vault as she sees many organizations dealing with the reality of managing...

Video interview: Styra created OPA and the Rego language to better manage policy as code

Styra, the company behind the hugely popular open source Open Policy Agent (OPA) are solving the challenge of authorization for cloud-native systems. Listen in as Anders Eknert, Developer Advocate at Styra, shares his views on policies and how they can simplify cloud-native operations.

Recap video: HashiConf Europe 2022

HashiConf Europe took place over two days in Amsterdam with 700 attendees, many inspirational speakers from the HashiCorp community, product keynotes and roadmap sessions, a full Hallway Track, virtual Learn Labs, and lots of connections in the HashiCorp Zone. Watch our coverage of the event. 00:00:25 – Chris Kent, Sr....

Video interview: Orca Security is pioneering a unique Shiftleft approach to security

Shiftleft has long been a DevOps idea, but it was always used in the context of CI/CD, and not security. Orca is changing that with their most recent release that includes Shiftleft as a key part of their security offering. It comes with a separate dashboard and visual reporting....

Video interview: Mirantis Lens is the Kubernetes IDE you didn’t know you needed

Edward Ionel talks about how Mirantis Lens unifies Dev & Ops around Kubernetes workflows. With unique features, a wide user base, and great flexibility, Lens is sure to ease your Kubernetes operations.

Video interview: Upbound enables a developer self-service experience

Crossplane is a CNCF incubating project that allows organizations to build an internal platform on top of Kubernetes. Upbound is based on Crossplane and simplifies this entire process. Tune in as Grant Gumina gives us the essentials of this entire approach and why it's gaining rapid adoption.

Video interview: 4 steps to zero trust security; Users, Devices, Location and MFA with Gill Langston at JumpCloud

Listen in as Gill Langston, Senior Product Manager at JumpCloud distills the most important ideas around directory management, IAM, SSO, and device management. He addresses the risks, common pitfalls, and best practices you can use as you look to make your enterprise systems inherently secure. Some key ideas from...

Recap video KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022

KubeCon is Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship multi-day tech conference that gathers contributors and maintainers of Kubernetes and various other open-source and cloud-native projects. This year’s KubeCon was a hybrid event held in-person with a virtual component between May 16-20 in Valencia, Spain. We talked to some of the...

Video interview: Orca Security is pioneering agentless security for the cloud

Andrew Bartlam, VP EMEA Sales, Orca Security, sheds light on Orca's approach to cloud security. He explains what is agentless security, context-aware security, side scanning, and more. If you have questions related to this topic, feel free to book a meeting with one of our solutions experts, mail to

Video interview: The vibrant Cloud Native ecosystem and why you should get involved

Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem at the CNCF, takes us behind the scenes on how open source communities and projects function. From the role of the CNCF to contributions from vendor organizations and independent developers, he describes the different perspectives and how they all come together. Listen in if...