Video interview: The vibrant Cloud Native ecosystem and why you should get involved

Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem at the CNCF, takes us behind the scenes on how open source communities and projects function. From the role of the CNCF to contributions from vendor organizations and independent developers, he describes the different perspectives and how they all come together. Listen in if...

Video interview: A deeper understanding of how to approach Kubernetes storage

From PVs and PVCs to the top open source projects, and Portworx’s unique offerings like stretch clusters, Joe Gardiner of Portworx leaves no stone unturned in this insightful interview on Kubernetes storage. Watch it to gain a deeper understanding of how to approach Kubernetes storage for your organization. Watch the video or read...

Amazic Containers Today 2019: recap video

Containers represent a major change in the IT Infrastructure industry and shift the requirements for backup, disaster recovery, security, back-up and storage. New vendors fill gaps in these spaces that traditional vendors have a hard time picking up. This is why the container space is constantly in flux, and...