Gone in 60 seconds – Groundcover’s promise for your Kubernetes monitoring woes

Shahar Azulay, CEO of Groundcover talks in-depth about their eBPF-based Kubernetes monitoring solution that you can get started with in a mere 60 seconds. Gain full visibility into your application stack at much less cost than traditional APM tools.

Insights into the Cloud-Native Ecosystem and Practical Advice from CNCF’s Head of Ecosystem, Taylor Dolezal

Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem, CNCF joins us to talk about all that's happening in cloud-native from the perspective of vendors, open source projects, and end users. He shares practical advice for anyone affected by the recent layoffs and gets us excited about the upcoming KubeCon Europe.

Spot by NetApp reduces and brings better governance to your cloud spend

Organizations are finding their cloud spend going out of control as they scale. Shon Harris, Developer Relations Lead, Spot by NetApp, gives us the lowdown on all that Spot is doing to rein in these expenses. Organizations can then utilize these savings for more strategic initiatives. The best part - it's virtually free of cost to use Spot. Find out more in this insightful conversation.

Kubiya is like ChatGPT for DevOps & it works right from Slack

Listen in as Shani Shoham, CRO of Kubiya tells us about Kubiya, a cool new AI product that lets you create and manage cloud infrastructure from your Slack chat interface. Think of it as your DevOps assistant that gets things done for you.

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Alberto Cita at Torq

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Alberto Cita, Sr. Solutions Architect at Torq, talking about the need for and benefits of automation in security operations. Although the benefits are apparent, there is still very little adoption of automation because it's complex. Torq provides a platform for security and operation teams to automate their security stack, without having to develop a single line of code.

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Roald Ruchti at Sysdig

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Roald Ruchti, Regional Sales Director at Sysdig, explaining how they help to monitor and secure containers, cloud environments and traditional workloads. Sysdig gives companies, who are in their DevOps transition and adopting microservices, the right visibility to act upon security threats.

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Jonathan Vermeulen at HashiCorp

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Jonathan Vermeulen, Enterprise Account Manager at HashiCorp, explaining how HashiCorp helps customers with their cloud journey by offering an infrastructure toolset that helps companies to get ready for the cloud.

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Helen Mason at GitLab

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Helen Mason, Sales Manager at GitLab, talking about the different use cases for GitLab, the importance of DevSecOps and the value of having a single devops platform.

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Anthony Hodson at Portworx

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Anthony Hodson, Cloud Solution Architect at Portworx, explaining how Portworx offers the ability to bring state in kubernetes. This lets you bring the containerization process, which was originally only for stateless things, over to using stateful applications in Kubernetes.

Torq goes beyond security monitoring to full remediation of security incidents

Leonid Belkind, Co-founder & CTO at Torq, joins us to talk about security automation and Torq's unique no-code platform that greatly quickens security. Learn how you can go beyond monitoring to actually remediating security incidents the automated way.