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List of the top Ingress controllers for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the most popular container-based cluster management system. The ease of deployment and high scalability make it a powerful choice for production environments....

Torq Has Built a No-code Platform for Security Automation

As the looming cloud of security threats thickens, organizations are constantly on the lookout for streamlined processes that deliver the best-in-breed cybersecurity defenses throughout...

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Alberto Cita at Torq

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Alberto Cita, Sr. Solutions Architect at Torq, talking about the need for and benefits...

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Roald Ruchti at Sysdig

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Roald Ruchti, Regional Sales Director at Sysdig, explaining how they help to monitor and...

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Jonathan Vermeulen at HashiCorp

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Jonathan Vermeulen, Enterprise Account Manager at HashiCorp, explaining how HashiCorp helps customers with their...

Recap Amazic World Amsterdam 2022 with Helen Mason at GitLab

Couldn't attend Amazic World Amsterdam? Just watch this recap with Helen Mason, Sales Manager at GitLab, talking about the different use cases for GitLab,...



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Einführung in Container und Cloud Security mit Sysdig

Schützen Sie Ihre Cloud-Produktivumgebung mit Sysdig. Beginnen Sie noch heute mit dem Verstehen und Sichern Ihrer Cloud- und Containerumgebung. Transparenz mit Sysdig: Sehen ist Sicherheit Lernen Sie...

Building a Bridge Between HR and IT

Learn the core reasons why HR and IT processes, people, and products need to be properly integrated to see improvements across the employee experience,...

Zero Trust Demystified

Zero Trust isn’t as complicated as it seems. In this whitepaper for SMEs, you’ll learn what Zero Trust really means, how to incrementally implement...

Kubernetes in the Enterprise

This report shares Kubernetes deployment insights from a comprehensive survey of IT leaders and developers from organizations of all sizes and industries, conducted by...

The D.A.R.T. Strategy for API Security

A Holistic Approach to API Security Today, businesses rely on APIs more than ever before. Gartner estimates that API calls represent 83% of all web...


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