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Implementing a Microservices Approach to Software Testing using Gitlab and Kubernetes

Project testing doesn’t have to be a 10-tool-affair. You can avoid information silos, increase team visibility and implement faster, scalable DevOps testing with Microservices.

Software development is increasingly moving away from legacy “monolith” application architecture and embracing microservices as the way forward. Instead of developing, deploying and scaling entire solutions, microservices enable you to deploy individual components as services that work together to create a solution.

What if you could apply this flexibility, agility and scalability to your software testing process? Today, you can with Kinetic Skunk, Gitlab and Kubernetes.

Gitlab enables development teams to take full control over 10 of their software delivery life-cycle areas with one application. When paired with Kubernetes, you can create clusters, view deploy logs and view your changes within a containerised environment before deployment.

Near limitless options for software testing.
Implementing a microservices approach with these two powerful tools means that you have every option available to you when testing your applications. However, integrating the right tools for the right purpose can be a complex and challenging endeavour. Let Kinetic Skunk guide you towards agile software testing success.

As an official Gitlab partner, we’ll be discussing how you can implement a microservices approach for your own software testing.

During this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why a singular, monolithic approach to software testing is a thing of the past.
  • How you can speed your time to market through software testing.
  • The most efficient approaches to agile software testing.
  • How to leverage Gitlab with Kubernetes to achieve fast, safe and effective testing.
  • How to reduce tool switching and cut back on plugin challenges.

It’s time to get more out of your software testing and rapidly iterate your innovations. With a microservice approach, you can deliver software with the best solutions available instead of the ones you’re locked into.


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