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Amazic is a leading European news platform for the DevOps community, it features the largest and most diverse original content related to DevOps, Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes & Security.

The website has become one of the top destinations for DevOps influencers, buyers, practitioners and leaders. hosts a variety of articles, videos, podcasts and custom content, all designed to educate, inform and engage. Categories include Development, Architecture, Operations, Security, Work and Education.

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Employer Branding

Our readers are next-gen talent with a diverse background and highly engaged. Many of these are qualified candidates in search of the next great place to grow their careers—and your organization should be visible when they’re ready to make their next move.
Every company is unique—and every candidate wants something different from their work. We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit. We’re here to help them find it.

We forge more authentic connections between employers and candidates by providing an inside look at your company’s culture, workplace, and values via Employer Branding Pages.

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Content Marketing

We can help you develop an integrated marketing campaign tailored to your business needs, and help architect every aspect of the customer experience to maximize your brand value and impact.

Our approach utilizes various strategies and tactics to drive, capture and cultivate more leads. Amazic engages subscribers and technical communities to market
your brand and content. Amazic can help architect every aspect of the customer
experience to maximize your brand value and impact.

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recruitment platform

Amazic offers an online talent platform where we match DevOps professionals with employers based on their competences, talents, competency traits and cultural fit. From the perpective of science and our own experience, we see that people who work from their talents, and do what they are best from their nature, are the most productive, the most motivated, and ultimately the most successful.

Select smarter and faster

With the help of intelligent technology, our platform algorithms determine which candidates fit best within your organization, and are most like to become the most happy and successful employees.

Our approach is in contrast to traditional subjective methodologies in which a match is made on the basis of a CV, key words or a gut feeling, and which ultimately often leads to a mismatch.

When recruiting new employees, we can support you at low costs to achieve the maximum and most suistainable result on your human capital.

Our talent community consists of thousands of elegant personality profiles, who are represented by our highly skilled DevOps professionals who can help your organization become even more successful.

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