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Mirantis Updates Open Source k0s for Compatibility with Kubernetes 1.27

Mirantis, leader in enterprise-grade Kubernetes support and cloud-native infrastructure, recently announced its newest update to open source k0s, which makes it fully compatible with the latest release of Kubernetes 1.27 and also adds enhancements and bug fixes to k0s.

Improvements included in the latest update of Mirantis k0s simplify the installation and management of Kubernetes clusters. The new features include support for containerD plug-ins that simplify running WASM and gVisor container sandboxes for example, which makes it easier for customers to expand their clusters with additional container runtimes.

As part of the latest update, Mirantis is providing its own system images to do away with the need for custom forks of project components. This ensures greater compatibility with upstream Kubernetes functionality and decreases complexity.

“We’ve hardened Kubernetes security with this release of k0s, the zero-friction Kubernetes, by shipping core system images that are managed and built by the k0s team at Mirantis,” says Miska Kaipiainen, vice president of engineering, product strategy and open source at Mirantis. “This provides users with improved security posture of clusters and decreases the attack surface.”

K0s is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that can be run on any Linux-based operating system. K0s can be leveraged for various use cases ranging from large-scale datacenter deployments to lightweight edge clusters, including laptops and Raspberry Pi.


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