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How to set up and optimize your CI/CD pipeline

Webinar: How to set up and optimize your CI/CD pipeline

Nowadays you will hear that if you want your Software Development Lifecycle to be efficient, you need to have a proper, well-established CI/CD setup. In this webinar we will focus on how to go about creating such a setup when creating a new CI/CD pipeline and optimizing an existing one. We will also look at best practices to follow and outline errors to avoid. Finally, we will analyze the possible reasons why your CI/CD setup may not work as expected and propose solutions to turn things around.

By taking advantage of OTTRA’s peer review, you can maximise your GitLab investment by ensuring your current or planned GitLab implementation is working smarter for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • Patterns in what OTTRA is seeing and encountering with new and existing GitLab customer installations
  • The solution – OTTRA’s GitLab peer review
  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • What are some of the common pain points we are seeing and addressing through the peer review
  • How does someone engage with OTTRA to find out more and request a review?



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