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Whitepaper: Increasing Developer Velocity in the Cloud Operating Model


This whitepaper discusses how HashiCorp tools and the GitHub platform work together to enable organizations to adopt a strong CI/CD workflow and increase developer velocity.

Success for modern enterprise development teams can be measured in the time it takes to develop and ship. The objective of any modern enterprise development team is to ship more value to more customers more quickly than before.

To maximize the scale and availability of experiences to customers, trends such as microservices and cloud nativism has increased the complexity of delivering apps owing to the highly distributed and service-based architectures those trends enforce. This in turn has increased the need for developers to automate infrastructure operations to increase velocity with which they can deploy new applications.

Throughout this, development and operations teams desire one consistent workflow to achieve the delivery of any application in the portfolio: delivering value more rapidly, while maintaining process cohesion and efficiency, with less risk of failure.

As enterprises start to scale in a multi-cloud environment, the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process is no longer just a developer specific workflow. It is a DevOps workflow that involves both developers and operators. Developers are the inner loop of the process and are able to modify and iterate on code multiple times a day while operators are the outer loop, pushing software on demand at any time of the day.

In order to properly implement this workflow, operators need to provision and maintain infrastructure at the same speed as developers. In this paper, we explore how GitHub and Terraform combine to provide a powerful CI/CD solution that makes this a reality.

The powerful combination of GitHub and HashiCorp are working together to enable organizations to unlock the Cloud Operating Model for enterprise development teams to accelerate value delivery to their users.

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