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Want to learn Kubernetes for free? Use Kubernetes.Academy!

Ever considered learning Kubernetes? But scared to take on such a big new path, realizing that containers are quickly becoming first-class citizens with Project Pacific?

Read more about Project Pacific and Tanzu here:

Is VMware Project Pacific ‘Kubernetes done right’ for the enterprise?

Kubernetes is daunting, complex, scary, especially if you’re coming from an Ops background and used to managing VMware vSphere. There’s no way around it: containers are ready for production prime-time. so better start learning now.


Kubernetes.academy (yes that is the URL) is a free learning resources aimed at Ops/Infra people to learn about Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies.

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Courses include:

  • Containers 101: Container basics to get you on your way.
  • Kubernetes 101: Introduction to container orchestration with Kubernetes and its core concepts.
  • Kubernetes in Depth: Architecture overview and quick deep-dives that help you understand how Kubernetes works.
  • Interacting with Kubernetes: learn how to ‘talk’ to Kubernetes with kubectl and ingress
  • How to Prepare for the CKA Exam: exam prep

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Instructors include, Tim Carr, Olive Power and Scott Lowe. These people are well-known VMware employees (that came in via the Heptio acquisition) and deliver a vendor-neutral perspective on Kubernetes.

Want to get trained and certified on Kubernetes?

Visit Amazic Knowledge and browse our certified Kubernetes training courses.


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