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Top 4 Cloud Agnostic security solutions to secure your entire cloud

As organizations deepen their investment in the cloud, they are facing unprecedented security threats due to the complexity of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. Today’s applications present a larger attack surface due to different disparate systems and their vulnerabilities. Things get trickier when APIs and the cloud’s inherent vulnerabilities come into the picture. Securing cloud-native workloads is hard as it is. However, with organizations now gravitating towards multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platforms, Cloud Native security tools aren’t as efficient.

Organizations leveraging different cloud vendors are bound to use the Cloud Native security solutions provided by the respective vendors that only work with their offering. This means, organizations choosing multi-cloud would have to pay for different security solutions. Beyond the cost, these security solutions do not integrate well with each other, which makes it hard to have a single pane of glass into your entire workload. If security teams can’t visualize the security across your entire workload no matter where it’s hosted, there are bound to be security gaps that can become a problem later on.

Organizations using a hybrid-cloud infrastructure have it worse because they also have to secure their private cloud and on-prem systems. The best option for organizations trying to escape vendor-lockin is to rely on cloud-agnostic security solutions. These solutions are capable of scanning your entire workload for security gaps and threats irrespective of where your services are hosted. Services hosted on-prem and on the cloud are brought to the same plane, and teams can visualize security across their workloads without installing separate tools.

Let’s take a look at some Cloud Agnostic security solutions that secure your entire cloud.

1. Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure is a unified security and compliance solution for containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. Using this solution, teams can embed security into the build, run, and respond stages of the Kubernetes lifecycle. Sysdig Secure helps teams visualize security across various hosts with a single agent. Teams can take quick action and address vulnerabilities flagged by Sysdig Secure.

Sysdig relies upon 15+ vulnerability feeds to identify the latest vulnerabilities so you can address them before an adversary exploits them. This solution also helps teams set policies using out-of-the-box and custom rules to flag malicious or abnormal behavior. Once in production, Sysdig Secure continuously assesses your cloud security posture and helps alert the stakeholders when a security incident occurs.

Sysdig also provides an event stream that stores all policy violations so teams can quickly identify malicious activities. Sysdig Secure is also equipped with a policy simulator that auto generates pod security policies to validate policies that won’t break the application.

2. Falcon Horizon

Falcon Horizon by Crowdstrike is a Cloud Security posture Management (CSPM) solution that works across multi-cloud platforms, including offerings by the prominent public cloud vendors, AWS, Azure, and GCP. Falcon Horizon unifies all cloud assets and brings them to a single control plane. With Falcon Horizon, you can have visibility into all your cloud assets, their metadata, configuration, and security policies. Security teams can efficiently apply security policies across their workloads irrespective of where their services are hosted.

Falcon Horizon automatically scans your infrastructure for any security gaps and unprotected assets and provides real-time guidance and guardrails so teams can evade potential attacks. Falcon Horizon can help uncover hidden threats and misconfigurations and provide a set of actions teams can perform to eliminate the risk. With this solution, teams can visualize their assets in a single dashboard, making it extremely easy to stay vigilant and apply fixes faster.

Falcon Horizon identifies threats based on an adversary-focused approach which helps teams address vulnerabilities and misconfiguration before they have a chance to become a problem. This solution also compares your asset configurations with the latest industry standards to ensure all your assets are secure. Security teams can also evaluate each user’s access and ensure everyone has suitable access using the Identity Analyzer reports.

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3. Alert Logic MDR

Alert Logic’s managed detection and response (MDR) offering provides protection in both pre and post-breach stages. Alert Logic understands that your workloads should be protected from the get-go, not just when they are in production. This solution provides left of boom and right of boom security for all your assets whether they’re on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. Alert Logic relies on industry data, machine learning, and data from various customers to provide intelligent threat detection and remediation.

Alert Logic constantly uncovers vulnerabilities and misconfigurations by collecting billions of logs and network traffic so teams can protect their network, endpoints, and workloads no matter what platform they’re hosted on. With Alert Logic MDR, teams can visualize risks, compliance status, misconfigurations, and remediation on a single dashboard. Teams can create comprehensive, drill-through reports to provide insights to stakeholders. Alert Logic helps prioritize risks, so teams don’t waste their time on false positives and red herrings, reducing response time considerably.

4. Fidelis Network

Fidelis Network is a network detection and response (NDR) solution that helps organizations scan their networks and identify threats. Fidelis knows that organizations struggle to secure their network today – mainly when their network encompasses devices and endpoints from different platforms (the cloud and on-prem). Fidelis Network scans your entire infrastructure and automatically detects and classifies new devices and assets in your toolchain.

Fidelis Network also collects rich metadata with over 300 attributes to perform content and context analysis. This solution also scans network traffic and identifies malicious payloads to protect your network from attacks. With AI and ML-based detection, Fidelis identifies malicious endpoints so teams can take appropriate actions. Fidelis helps you respond to network threats at wire speed irrespective of where the threats exist.


Cloud security can be costly and inefficient if security analysts are not equipped with the best tools. These are some tools organizations can rely on to expedite threat detection and response in multi and hybrid cloud platforms. The innovation in this space is rapid, and organizations that are daunted by the complexity of the cloud can be confident that it is now possible to secure all their cloud environments from a single place.

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