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The Digital Neighborhood Grows with the Inclusion of Fullstaq and Beyond Blue

The Digital Neighborhood, a community of 11 independent tech companies that specialize in all things data and the cloud, is being joined by Fullstaq, a cloud-native IT services consultancy, and Beyond Blue, an Azure-focused IT service company.

Fullstaq and Beyond Blue’s extensive expertise and shared passion for open-source technology will help them forge strong relationships with The Digital Neighborhood’s brands, especially with True.

Gerrit Tamboer, CEO of Fullstaq says, “We’re excited to be joining The Digital Neighborhood alongside its renowned tech brands. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Fullstaq’s journey. Combining our deep tech expertise with True’s managed hosting services, we can now offer pioneering end-to-end cloud native and Kubernetes services and expand our customer reach in the Netherlands.”

The addition of Fullstaq and Beyond Blue to The Digital Neighborhood ushers in a new era of innovation, providing Dutch customers with comprehensive Kubernetes and cloud-native solutions.

Fullstaq and True boast of strong backgrounds in the Open-Source community and are established pioneers in the Dutch Kubernetes market, with Fullstaq specializing in readiness assessments, roadmaps, migrations, and implementations, while True excels in managed hosting and continuous improvement of cloud technology services. Through this collaboration, both brands hope to cater to a wider customer base and deliver exceptional value by closing the gap between consulting and managed services. Their joint expertise and strengths will offer customers comprehensive end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the entire cloud journey.

Beyond Blue will be able to use this collaboration to leverage True’s existing knowledge and experience as one of three Azure Specialists for ISVs in the Netherlands, upgrading its Azure and AKS services with the vast Microsoft knowledge and expertise from Beyond Blue’s Azure community.

Marilou Van Doorn, CEO of True, says, “The addition of Fullstaq and Beyond Blue to The Digital Neighborhood is a fantastic development. Together, we form an incredibly dynamic duo in the Dutch cloud native space. Fullstaq’s impressive tech expertise complements our offerings in exactly the right places. It will enable us to deliver comprehensive cloud native services that will firmly position us as an end-to-end cloud native powerhouse in the Dutch market. The partnership broadens our portfolio to bring even more value to our clients. We look forward to leveraging the collective strengths of our brands within The Digital Neighborhood to shape the future of cloud native services in the Netherlands.”

Sulava and Delegate, two other renowned brands part of The Digital Neighborhood, offer the partnership extensive expertise in Microsoft services. Sulava and Delegate’s focus on Data/AI, Azure infrastructure, and software development further bolster Beyond Blue’s strong foundation in infrastructure and shared aspirations in Data/AI and software development. Together, the brands hope to drive innovation, enhance their customer experience, and capitalize on their synergies.

Gerrit Tamboer, CEO of Beyond Blue says, “For Beyond Blue, this step is fantastic. We are surrounding ourselves with Microsoft-minded companies with a very solid foundation in Azure. As a result, we can collectively grow faster and serve our customers even better. The integration of Beyond Blue into The Digital Neighborhood will immediately create synergy with the strong Danish brand Delegate, which is also expanding in the Netherlands.”

The companies have already signed the deal, which is set to close sometime this summer.


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