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The App Factory: A slow movement towards rapid change


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As the increasing need for dependable applications proliferates across nearly every industry, many organizations rush to release apps that do not adhere to established security and compliance policies. While this approach can provide short-term benefits for customers, it can also prove costly and adversely affect long-term planning for future app releases and maintenance.

Leveraging a Secure Cloud Architecture (SCA) framework can help you overcome the challenges presented by accelerated application releases, and ensure that the guidelines that security, operations, and network teams have in place are applied and followed at every stage of the app lifecycle.

F5 can help you enable a SCA so you can prioritize business outcomes when making important decisions about the best way to optimize efficiency in operations, governance, security, and compliance.

Read the eBook, “The App Factory: A Slow Movement Towards Rapid Change” to discover how applying consistent application security, compliance, and performance policies across all environments can help your business innovate and grow more rapidly.


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