Videos from live events and interviews.


Leonardo Murillo surveys the GitOps landscape

GitOps is the evolution of DevOps. Yet, many misconceptions remain around it. In this podcast, Leo Murillo defines GitOps, talks about the Open GitOps...

Video interview: API security need not be an afterthought

Filip Verloy of Noname Security joins us to talk about API security - the risks, solutions, and latest happenings in the space. From posture...

Video interview: Sarah Polan talks in-depth about secrets management for cloud-native systems

Dynamic secrets are the new normal for Kubernetes systems. Though this is possible today, it is not yet mainstream. Sarah Polan, Field CTO at...

Video interview: Styra created OPA and the Rego language to better manage policy as code

Styra, the company behind the hugely popular open source Open Policy Agent (OPA) are solving the challenge of authorization for cloud-native systems. Listen in...

Recap video: HashiConf Europe 2022

HashiConf Europe took place over two days in Amsterdam with 700 attendees, many inspirational speakers from the HashiCorp community, product keynotes and roadmap sessions,...

Video interview: Orca Security is pioneering a unique Shiftleft approach to security

Shiftleft has long been a DevOps idea, but it was always used in the context of CI/CD, and not security. Orca is changing that...