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Sysdig Earns AWS Cloud Operations Competency in Compliance and Auditing & Monitoring and Observability

Sysdig, a leader in cloud security powered by runtime insights, recently announced that it had managed to achieve the distinction of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Operations Competency in the categories of Monitoring and Observability as well as Compliance and Auditing. The new designations joined the six other AWS Competency designations that Sysdig had previously achieved.

AWS Cloud Operations Competency is newly implemented, and it allows customers to choose comprehensive cloud solutions with an integrated approach from validated AWS Partners across five major areas of Cloud Operations: Cloud Governance, Compliance and Auditing, Monitoring and Observability, Operations Management, and Cloud Financial Management. Sysdig joins the ranks of these AWS Partners through its demonstrated expertise in helping its customers build a scalable and secure foundation for their cloud operations.

Organizations looking to balance their needs for compliance, security, and operational safety with their drive for increased speed, agility, and innovation can benefit from adopting solutions with an integrated approach to Cloud Operations. AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partners have offerings that reduce inefficiency and silos in application development, errors in deployments, and down-time in mission-critical applications.

The new achievements indicate that Sysdig follows AWS best practices and its tools contribute significantly to:

Monitoring and Observability: Sysdig Monitor gives customers real-time, end-to-end observability into events across their technology stack, through AWS-native services, open-source solutions, and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Users can speedily detect and resolve issues from insights about the performance, behavior, and health of their systems across cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments.

Compliance and Auditing: Sysdig Secure enables the automation of compliance processes, allowing customers to continually oversee their AWS resources’ compliance posture and automatically collect evidence to enhance their audit readiness and real-time monitoring and reporting.

“Attaining the AWS Cloud Operations Competency speaks to the deep expertise of the Sysdig solution. Customers know when they choose Sysdig, they are getting a solution that can help them achieve their cloud goals,” said Phil Williams, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Alliances. “Sysdig provides a comprehensive solution that brings security and observability to cloud environments. Our customers find value in our ability to detect threats faster, instantly detect risk changes, and prioritize what really matters.”

Sysdig has previously achieved AWS Competency in these areas:

  • AWS DevOps Competency for the DevSecOps category
  • AWS Security Competency for the Identity and Access Management, Threat Detection and Response, and Compliance and Privacy categories
  • AWS Container Competency for both the Security and Monitoring categories


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