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Sysdig Brings Runtime Insights to ServiceNow Container Vulnerability Response

Sysdig, specialists in cloud security powered by runtime insights, recently introduced an integration with ServiceNow Container Vulnerability Response (CVR), offering ServiceNow users the ability to prioritize vulnerabilities with runtime insights. ServiceNow CVR groups container vulnerabilities to make it easier for teams to triage and remediate threats. The new integration enables ServiceNow users to leverage Sysdig to prioritize active threats at runtime, focusing on issues with the most immediate risk.

The rise of the cloud has completely altered the face of modern application infrastructure, creating an evolving and ever widening attack surface across hybrid cloud services, workloads, and identities. The sheer number of threats and risks can be overwhelming to teams, who are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency and reduce noise in vulnerability management. Since developers often see security as an obstacle, they need a way to prioritize and contextualize risks to quickly remediate them.

Sysdig tackles cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) security comprehensively by rooting its strategies in its unique runtime insights. The company does more than just shift left since it is unrealistic to prepare for every unknown threat, instead focusing on securing the entire software lifecycle. With Sysdig, companies can improve their security posture by identifying the misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues that generate the greatest risk. Sysdig allows teams to detect threats in real-time, prioritize relevant vulnerabilities, and quickly fix them.

The key benefits of the new integration of Sysdig with ServiceNow CVR include:

  • 95% of vulnerability noise erased: Sysdig’s runtime insights focus on the remediation of vulnerabilities in packages used at runtime. This eliminates up to 95 percent of vulnerabilities to fix and enables issues that truly matter to be quickly prioritized.
  • Speed-up remediation workflows: ServiceNow’s security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities can be used to remediate vulnerabilities and patch workflows faster.
  • Total Time to Resolve (TTR) reduced: At each phase of the vulnerability management process, time spent can be significantly reduced:
    • Triage: Having fewer vulnerabilities and alerts to address allows teams to triage urgent runtime issues faster.
    • Context: Every container vulnerability is highlighted with detailed context, including image repo, image tag, cluster, and namespace, which accelerates remediation.
    • Tracking: Having a single pane through which to view all vulnerabilities within ServiceNow makes it easier to track and resolve issues.
    • Response: The new integration allows ServiceNow to simplify the utilization of vulnerability details from Sysdig and automate remediation workflows.
  • Comprehensive insights into risk: The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allows enterprises to may Sysdig assets to get a detailed understanding of risks.


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