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StormForge takes the guesswork out of cloud provisioning

Cloud provisioning is a complex process that can be difficult to understand, but the benefits are clear. By moving to the cloud, businesses can save money, increase efficiency, and improve their bottom line. But what is cloud provisioning, and how does it work? In a nutshell, cloud provisioning is the process of setting up and configuring cloud resources. This can include everything from virtual machines and storage to networking and security.

The first step in cloud provisioning is to assess your needs. What kind of workloads do you need to run? What kind of resources do you need to support them? Once you understand your requirements, you can start looking at different cloud providers and options. There are a few different ways to provision cloud resources. 

If you’re looking to move to the cloud, StormForge offers Kubernetes resource management services at scale. Read on to find out more about Optimize Pro, a solution by StormForge. 

What is Optimize Pro by StormForge

Optimize Pro by StormForge is a cloud-based optimization tool that helps businesses improve their operations and reduce costs. The tool uses various algorithms and optimization techniques to identify inefficiencies and potential areas of improvement. It then provides recommendations on how to improve the process or system. Optimize Pro is easy to use and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization.

How Optimize Pro Makes Cloud Provisioning Easy

Ensures Kubernetes resource efficiency

As organizations adopt Kubernetes, they quickly realize the need for efficient resource management. Kubernetes can quickly become a resource hog without proper optimization, eating up valuable computing and storage resources. Optimize Pro is a Kubernetes optimization tool using advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and fix resource utilization issues. 

Optimize Pro can identify inefficiencies by constantly monitoring your Kubernetes clusters and correcting them before they cause problems. This not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your Kubernetes clusters are always running at peak efficiency. 

Optimize apps before they reach production

It is no secret that optimizing apps before they reach production can save organizations time and money. By performance testing and predictive what-if analysis, organizations can identify and resolve potential problems before they cause production issues. Organizations that Optimised their apps before production saw, on average, a 60% reduction in problems. In addition, they were able to avoid potential production issues that could have resulted in significant downtime and lost revenue. 

While optimizing apps before they reach production does not guarantee that cases will never arise, it can significantly reduce the likelihood and impact of problems. Performance testing and predictive what-if analysis are essential tools for organizations looking to improve their app development and release process.

Save costs by application behavior prediction.

Application testing can be expensive, particularly if you’re running many tests under different scenarios. However, you can Optimize costs by using machine learning to predict application behavior. This will allow you to focus your testing on the areas that are most likely to cause problems. 

ML-powered analysis of application behavior can also help you identify potential issues before they arise, saving you time and money in the long run. Optimize Pro can help you understand how your application behaves, and you can make predictions about how it will behave in the future. This allows you to Optimize your application for better performance and cost savings.

How to Optimize Pro Works to Improve Kubernetes Efficiency

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration tool, but it can be complex and difficult to manage. Optimize Pro is a new tool that aims to improve the efficiency of Kubernetes by making it easier to manage.

Optimize Pro uses a process of rapid experimentation, load testing, and scenario analysis using ML in your non-production environment. It’s a five-step process involving:

  • In-cluster Resource Scanning
  • Choose optimization goals based on your business priorities
  • Load testing
  • ML algorithm is designed to explore multidimensional parameters.
  • Optimization through StormForge controller

StormForge Optimize Pro works in a non-prod environment through a rapid experimentation-based solution that runs countless trials and scenarios to develop the best recommendations for configuring your application. Using Machine Learning, it looks at the input data and compares it to goals to make recommendations.

a. Performance Testing

You can quickly create load tests and scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of requests per second with StormForge Performance Testing. The testing scenario provided by this is more realistic than a closed workload model.

b. Application Optimisation

Performance testing will give you an idea of how your application will perform under load, but it won’t tell you how to address issues. Through a process of rapid experimentation, Optimize Pro uses ML to understand your application in its environment and find the configuration that will best meet your goals for performance and cost efficiency. Additionally, you can automatically promote the recommended configuration to production.


Kubernetes is a robust tool for container orchestration and can be used to manage large numbers of containers. StormForge makes it easy to get started with Kubernetes and provides an easy way to manage your application in production. With StormForge, you can quickly and easily provision and manage your Kubernetes resources, making it easy to keep your environment running smoothly.

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