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SKIL: Taking the human approach in DevOps

DevOps Institute recently launched the human-centric SKIL Framework. The framework pays strong attention to human elements of DevOps.


DevOps Institute

The SKIL framework, not unlike the CALMS and DASA frameworks, puts focus on the human side of things, instead of focusing on organizational attributes (like Scaled Agile) or technical certifications (from the likes of Azure, AWS and GCP).

SKIL stands for:

  1. Skills to develop career growth with accreditations and certifications;
  2. Knowledge for DevOps understanding by curating and publishing content, videos, webinars, podcasts, ebooks, blogs and articles;
  3. Ideas to spark innovation;
  4. Learning based on DevOps know-how.

Notice how these pillars all support the self-learning, growing individual. In the words of Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute: We believe that DevOps success, for individuals, organizations and the industry at large, is based on human skills as much as it is technology.

Using SKIL

The DevOps Institute aims to build a community around DevOps together with practitioners, partners and industry leaders and give members access to curated content and certifications to help the community members grow individually and as a group. It supports making sense of emerging practices within the community through continuously updating its research, content, accreditations and certifications.

DevOps Institute: skills, knowledge, learning, ideas

A good example is the Continuous Learning Minute, a series of short videos that provide explanation around some of the common concepts of DevOps. This are brought locally with SKILup meetups around the world.

Become a member

So if you’re a practioner, wanting to learn more about DevOps, you can join the community here.


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