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Recap of Gitex Global 2023 with Bill Yeboah Kyeremeh at Consolidated Bank of Ghana

Join us for an insightful video interview with Bill Yeboah Kyeremeh, General Manager, Technology Delivery and Innovations at the Consolidated Bank of Ghana, as he delves into the world of Digital Identity and its intersection with cutting-edge AI technologies.

In this conversation, Bill Yeboah Kyeremeh answers vital questions that shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of Digital ID verification. He provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of Digital Identity and how it distinguishes itself from traditional forms of identity verification. Learn how AI technologies are revolutionizing user experiences in the realm of Digital ID. Digital fraud is a pressing concern and Bill elucidates the role of AI in fortifying security and combating fraud in Digital ID verification. He discusses the obstacles encountered when implementing AI-powered Digital ID verification systems and shares success stories from his experience at the Consolidated Bank of Ghana.


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