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Open Policy Agent at scale

Managing consistent, secure ands scalable rules across teams, clusters and clouds

With the rapid growth of cloud-native services and containerized applications, enterprises have been facing a quiet, universal and mounting crisis: there has been no way to create and deploy consistent, secure and scalable rules across the cloud-native stack. This is not an insignificant challenge, as these rules, known as policy and authorization, are at the foundation of building secure and scalable applications — the core differentiators of cloud-native business.

Learn about the key drivers for managing policy and authorization at scale across the cloud-native stack:

  • Establishing a standard building block for policy and authorization
  • Scaling OPA: creating an environment that makes seamless, rapid collaboration and automation possible
  • Managing OPA at Scale: empowering enterprise-wide teams to take advantage of policy-as-a-code for unified policy and authorization


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