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Mirantis Releases New Version of Openstack for Kubernetes with Improvements in Security and User Experience

Mirantis, cloud-native infrastructure expert, just announced the release of the latest version of their virtualized Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK), with improved OpenStack security and enhanced user experience.

OpenStack, the world’s foremost open-source, private cloud IaaS framework, offers a feature-rich environment for hosting virtual machines, networks, and storage. MOSK offers developers a user-friendly virtualization platform built on Kubernetes that is optimized to provide resilience and flexibility.

MOSK 23.1 has several security enhancements that significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and other major threats. Administrators are now allowed to restrict OpenStack superusers to their own projects and rotate passwords to minimize exposure due to password breaches. Moreover, encryption has been added to internal communications. Noteworthy additions include:

  • Full support for Tungsten Fabric, offering customers advanced networking functions, including load balancing with OpenStack Octavia load balancer
  • Enhanced user experience, with a sample application and tutorials to ease onboarding
  • Customizable OpenStack deployments for users with more technical skills, allowing them to tweak the platform according to their specifications and use cases for great efficiency and effictiveness

“MOSK is a powerful cloud computing platform that offers organizations the flexibility, scalability, and security they need to meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape,” says Artem Andreev, product manager at Mirantis. “By simplifying the deployment and management of OpenStack and Kubernetes, MOSK frees developers to focus on creating their most valuable code, allowing organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and improve their ability to innovate and compete in the marketplace.”


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