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Mirantis Offers Developers More Simplified Kubernetes Adoption

Mirantis, leader in enterprise-grade Kubernetes support and cloud-native infrastructure, has announced that it is further enriching its Kubernetes initiative, offering operators and developers the software and services they require to seamlessly migrate their operations to enterprise-wide Kubernetes and container deployments.

Mirantis’s ZeroOps offering allows businesses to invest in creating value by reducing the time that goes into understanding and maintaining the systems and infrastructure required to facilitate them.

“Operators and developers can spend vast amounts of time struggling with containers and Kubernetes, rather than working on the applications themselves, and developers are often forced into the de facto role of operator,” said Shaun O’Meara, field chief technology officer, Mirantis, “Our company has focused on products and services that help the market consume containers in an efficient and effective way and enable both developers and operators to spend more time innovating and creating value for their company and their customers. Our main goal is to free developers from the need to do operations, and to enable operators to stop focusing on problems that have already been solved multiple times.”

Toward this goal, Mirantis has acquired two companies in the past year, Shipa and amazee.io. Shipa automates much of the complexity that goes into cloud-native application management, while amazee.io’s Lagoon product provides developers and operators a pattern for delivering apps without even having to climb the steep learning curve for containers or Kubernetes. Both these acquisitions further the ZeroOps goal to offer developers the software and services they need to deploy and manage cloud-native infrastructure, freeing them up to focus on productivity and innovation.

Mirantis also offers Lens Autopilot, which is a cloud-native CI/CD and DevOps as a Service tool that operates and manages Kubernetes clusters. Lens allows enterprises to make use of any Kubernetes cluster in on-premises and/or public cloud platforms almost immediately, and it is one of the largest and most advanced Kubernetes platforms out there, boasting a community of over 750,000 users worldwide and 19,000 stars on GitHub.

The integration of Shipa with Lens enables automated security, observability, operations, and application discovery on the platform. Lagoon further helps DevOps teams to package and ship applications more efficiently and effectively.


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