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Introduction to Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform


Embed security, compliance and performance into DevOps workflows

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform converges security and compliance with performance and capacity monitoring to create a secure DevOps workflow. It uses the same data to monitor and secure, so you can correlate system activity with Kubernetes services. This enables you to identify where a problem occurred and why it happened — and you can use this single source of truth to investigate and troubleshoot performance and security issues.

Join us as we explore how the successful implementation of a container security & monitor strategy can support the successful adoption of cloud in your business by:

  • Enabling you to ship cloud applications faster
  • Helping you to be more confident managing risk
  • Creating a more efficient process for responding to security risk

Meaning you can move from fire fighting to focussing your energy and investment on strategic initiatives.

Chris Krantz, EMEA SE Manager, Sysdig



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