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Digital Networking Mastery: 7 Key Strategies for Online Success

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Networking has always been a big part of successful careers. Whether you are a lawyer, a salesperson, a doctor or politician, to find success it’s important to surround yourself with similar like-minded people.

The same applies for when you are looking for a job. By networking you are able to find new opportunities and open vacancies you can apply to.

Since technology is rapidly developing, old school ways of networking are a thing of the past. Digital networking is the new kid on the block and it’s more important than ever. With platforms such as LinkedIn it’s easier than ever to connect with others around the world and look for new jobs or business opportunities.

In this article we will guide you how to master digital networking and provide you 7 keys for online success! So keep on reading if you want to know more!

1. Define What Your Goals Are And What You Want To Achieve

The first key step you need to take is to define what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Are you looking for a new job? Or are you trying to make more business contacts for your business to grow?

Knowing what it is you want, will help you direct yourself onto the right path. It will reduce wasted time and make you put your focus and effort into the right direction.

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2. Choose Which Platform Suits Your Goals The Best

Have you set your goals and do you know what you want to achieve? Then it’s time to choose the platform you would like to use! Whether you want to network on sites like LinkedIn or use platforms as Instagram or TikTok, it’s important to find the platform that suits your goals the best.

Ask yourself what kind of people you want to connect with and how you want to establish these connections. For example, would you like to expand your business or establish a more professional network to find new job opportunities? Then LinkedIn might be the best place for you.

Would you like to establish yourself as a professional in your field or be build relationships with leaders in your industry? Then TikTok, Instagram or Twitter might be more suitable for you.

3. Build Online Presence For More Credibility And Trust

By building a credible and trustworthy online presence, you will earn trust and authority in your community and industry. This will help you to build better relations to expand your digital network.

Make sure that all your social media platforms are up-to-date, professional and in line to your niche. By sharing relevant content, showcasing the things you are interested in and interacting with others, you will build a strong online presence.

4. Be Proactive For Better And Faster Results

When it comes down to building and creating a better digital network, being proactive is a must! Don’t wait around for opportunities to come your way, but be driven and energetic in your efforts.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those who you think can benefit your network. When reaching out, express your interest in building a new relationship. Remember to always be respectful, polite, and honest towards others. By doing this, people will feel that you are a genuine person and are more keen to build a network relationship with you.

5. Engage In Meaningful Conversation To Build Better And Longer Relations

Those who think that networking is just about collecting contacts, they are dead wrong. Collecting, or finding new relations, is just one part. The other is building relations. Of course, you want to establish long-lasting relations that are build on a good foundation.

By engaging in meaningful conversations, asking the right and interesting questions, sharing your own experiences or offering your own insight in certain topics, you can build real and authentic relations. This will definitely help you out in the long run, as people will be more keen to help and support you when you need it.

6. Follow Up On Your Existing Contacts To Keep A Healthy Relation

It’s not only important to make new contacts and build good relationships, it’s also important to maintain them. Therefor, you must follow up on your existing contacts or network. You can easily do this by asking them about how their business or career is going, what new things they have encountered, or simply how they are doing.

7. Give Back To Your Network For Building Stronger Relations

To build strong relations in your digital network, it’s also important that you bring value. You don’t only want to be known as a taker, but also as a giver. Therefor, it is important that you can offer your support and expertise to others.

You can easily do this by sharing helpful information or articles, or offering your instructions to someone in need. When one day you might be in need of assistance yourself, like for example when you are looking for a new job, it’s easier for your network to return you the favor.


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