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D2iQ Announces New Kubernetes Management Program for Managed Service Providers

Leading Kubernetes management platform provider, D2iQ, has announced the availability of its new Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program. In response to growing demand from the MSP community, the program enables MSPs to offer their customers the cloud-native computing benefits of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) and D2iQ Kubernetes expertise.

MSPs are considered to be strategic technology partners by their clients. Enterprises are increasingly looking to leverage the scale, agility, and cost benefits of cloud-native computing and containerized application infrastructure, and MSPs fill in the infrastructure and services gaps that customers need to modernize their business architecture.

Despite the growing demand, Kubernetes talent is low in supply, and enterprises often find themselves stumped by the challenge of building a scalable, secure, production-ready, and easy-to-manage Kubernetes management platform. The D2iQ MSP Program targets this demand, offering MSPs the most feature-rich, advanced, and production-ready platform that they can leverage to deliver high-quality Kubernetes services to their customers.

The D2iQ MSP Program offers the following features to meet the business and technology needs of MSPs:

Customized billing packages: MSPs can choose from short and long-term options to offer their customers flexible billing packages. This includes pay-per-use options and discounts for committing to annual plans. Enterprises can access the infrastructure they need while minimizing costs across their entire tech stack.
Advanced customer support: MSP partners can make the most of D2iQ Support Engineers, who are all certified Kubernetes administrators (CKAs), to receive training and support.
Flexible contracting terms: MSPs with a steadily expanding customer base can negotiate D2iQ’s contracting terms that allow them to align licensing around customer contact time frames or batch annual licensing. This allows them to select the most convenient model for their business.
Co-marketing opportunities: The D2iQ MSP Program also offers a new co-marketing agreement that allows MSPs to advertise DKP as part of their offerings, giving customers greater flexibility and choice when running Kubernetes workloads at scale.

“At D2iQ, we are committed to providing enterprises with an intelligent infrastructure that unleashes innovation to stay competitive in this evolving market, and Managed Service Providers play a huge role in helping us achieve this vision,” says Tobi Knaup, co-founder and CEO of D2iQ. “Enterprises use MSPs so they can focus on true innovation in their core business and reach success in a production environment. With the MSP Partner Program, enterprises can leverage our best-in-class Kubernetes management platform while getting the support and services they need from an MSP partner.”


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