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Containers Today attracts international keynote speakers for Dutch containerization event

Containers Today is the biggest Dutch event about containerization. On June 27th, international keynote speakers share their vision on what containerization means for your software development projects.

Containers Today


Key speakers during the event are Kal De, CTO of Docker and Eric Han, VP of Products at PortWorx. Both speakers have been instrumental in the container space, working on Docker and Kubernetes development.

Both keynote speakers will look at how containers are instrumental for digital transformation. As customers start to expect digital-first products, how do organizations keep up the pace of creating and delivering these products and services? Containers and the Kubernetes container scheduler play a big part the success of putting IT at the center of organizations, helping organizations transition from legacy technology into the cloud-native world.

The third keynote in the morning is a customer success story from T-Mobile / Tele2, diving into what happens when a large enterprise tries to transition from a market strategy of being a cheap underdog, to a challenger that can break open markets with a high quality product and awesome features. With a mission and the vision to Digitalize everything, implement DevOps and achieve full Continuous Delivery, Tele2’s IT Development and IT Infrastructure department had quite a challenge to achieve that. In the session, Tele2 shows how to make a success of digitally transforming their most important sales channel and create a showcase for the future and initiate the revolution for other applications and teams.

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There are more reasons to attend Containers Today. What about the networking with peers and the three break-out tracks? See the full agenda here: https://www.containerstoday.com.


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