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CINQ ICT launches KubeScan at KubeCon Amsterdam

CINQ ICT will launch its KubeScan this April. The Kubernetes Certified Service Provider will present it to the public at KubeCon CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 in the RAI Amsterdam. The KubeScan has been specifically developed for companies that want to take the first step towards containerization with Kubernetes.

Many organizations are modernizing their IT landscape by migrating to the cloud and containerizing their software products. The next step is container orchestration by Kubernetes. This complex process requires specific expertise. For companies looking for scalability and flexibility for their digital products, the KubeScan from CINQ ICT is the solution.

“Some companies already have ideas about how they want to work with Kubernetes and ask for a second opinion, while others still have to start with a plan,” says Stefan Koppelaar, commercial director at CINQ ICT . “In both cases, the KubeScan offers extensive advice and an action plan. Possibly followed by the implementation of the solution and training in Kubernetes. This way, companies start their migration to the cloud with a reliable and cost-efficient foundation.”

CINQ ICT has already performed the KubeScan at various companies. For example, a publishing company, a company that makes payroll software, and a software company for banks and insurance companies have already discovered the potential of Kubernetes for their organization.

“Software development companies are constantly looking for ways to improve how it works,” Koppelaar continues. “Also because they have to deal with different IT environments at their customers. Kubernetes is a popular solution for bringing software to a working production environment faster in a standardized way.”


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