Channel Events

Get the info you need to decide on your partnership with our Vendors.

Amazic Partner Webinar: JumpCloud

JumpCloud makes it easy for Cloud and Managed Service Providers to grow revenue year after year with dedicated channel sales, technical, and marketing resources.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Styra

Join the Styra and Open Policy Agent partner program. The Open Policy Agent is one of the fastest growing CNCF open source projects at the moment (over 7 million installed OPA’s and +35 million downloads).

Amazic Partner Webinar: Sysdig

Our partnership ensure the experience of the world’s foremost experts on cloud, Kubernetes and containers is at your fingertips.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Noname Security

Noname’s API security platform enables organizations to gain full visibility of their entire API footprint, assess the security posture of their APIs, and alert on attacks or anomalous behaviour of their APIs.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Mirantis

Expand your business with Mirantis Container Cloud and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. Get equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools for successful customer engagements and accelerate your sales growth.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Upbound

Enable your customers to take the next step on their cloud native journey with an automated, self-service approach to provision infrastructure and applications.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Portworx

The Portworx Partner Program provides resellers with the unique opportunity to influence and deliver a better customer experience with innovation and simplicity.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Orca Security

Partnering with Orca Security allows you to grow your business and better serve the public cloud security and compliance needs of yours clients.

Amazic Partner Webinar: Sonatype

As a Sonatype Partner, you have a unique opportunity to educate and satisfy the growing demand for DevSecOps tools to protect Enterprise software development lifecycles.