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Building a Strong Bond: Discuss Strategies for Trust and Open Communication

Applying for a new job can be intimidating and confusing. One may be distracted by many new things, like stress from failure, intimidation by the interviewer, or simply a new challenge awaiting you.

However if you want to succeed in your job interview, proper communication is key! , By bonding with the person that interviews you and building a solid relationship, you can raise your chances of landing your dream job! .

In this article we will give you some of the best strategies on how to properly communicate and build a solid bond with your potential new employer! So keep on reading!
How to Build a Strong bond at your Interview?

It is always an outstanding idea to develop trust and open communication. Practising open communication during your job interview, will allow you to gain trust while simultaneously learning more about your future work and employer.

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There are a number of strategies you can apply in order to have an open communication and gain trust. You can find them here.

1. Let the Interviewer also Talk

People love to talk. By letting your interviewer also talk about, this will give him or her also a sense of importance. It also ensures that you are not the only one talking so there won’t be any monologue.

Rather than being a one sided interview, by letting the interviewer also have a voice, you ensure that the conversation will be a true dialogue where both parties have their say.

2. Respect Boundaries

Respecting boundaries means giving space to another person, their rights, and expectations. Since the interview will be the first time you meet your potential future employer, it’s important to not step over boundaries yet.

Respect the boundaries of your interviewer by not talking over him or her, interrupting, or speaking negatively. This behaviour can set a negative tone for communication, hindering the ability to build trust between you and your future employer.

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to show that you’re interested in what others say. It also shows that you want to learn more about others’ opinions and ideas. By asking the right questions at the right time you can steer the conversation in you favour!

Here are three tips for asking questions during the interview:

Use open-ended questions as they encourage conversation and allow for more detailed answers than closed-ended ones.

For example, trying to understand someone’s opinion or experience by asking questions such as “How did you became…?”, “What exactly do you expect from someone in this role?” or “What are the future plans of this company in the next years?”

These questions will create a more meaningful dialogue than simply asking “yes or no” questions.

Showing genuine interest is vital to getting the best answers. Eye contact, active listening, and thoughtful responses will help your team members feel heard and respected.

Taking notes will help ensure that everything necessary gets noticed during the interview. It also shows that you really are interested in the job function and you take this seriously.

4. Make Time for Casual Conversations

Being able to also talk about casual things, shows that you are also a social engaging person. Chat casually about not too important stuff to break the ice and lighten up the mood. This way both you and the interviewer can have better and open communication without the fear or stress that sometimes comes along with a job interview.

This is also a great way to connect on a deeper level, allowing the interviewer to trust and respect you. It’s also a great way to show that you are not all about business but that you are a normal person too.

5. Body Language

The importance of body language gets often forgotten when having a job interview. Keep an open and inviting posture, keep a friendly smile and use appropriate hand gestures.

These small body language behaviours will lead to a sense of confidence and enthusiasm and will reflect on the interviewer.

Try copying small body language behaviours from your interviewer as well. By mirroring them, automatically they receive a sense of acceptance. This helps you and your interviewer to feel more connected and bond more easily.


By applying the following strategies to bond and have good communication, you can raise or increase your chances of success. Do not forget to keep on building on this new relationship you might create. This way you can build on a strong foundation once you land your dream job.


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