Tom Howarth

Tom is the holder of several industry awards, including VMware VCP VMware vCAP-DCD and VMware vExpert (13 years), VMware vExpert-NSX (3yrs), VMware vExpert Pro (2yrs), VMware vExpert Cloud Provider (2yrs) and HashiCorp Ambassador (2yrs). Tom is a British ex-pat who currently lives in Gibraltar and has previously worked worldwide (Australia, USA, Middle East and several European countries). He has been working with VMware and related cloud and virtualization technologies since 2005. Further, He has been the technical editor or reviewer of several technical books including, the seminal Phoniex Project, and has written chapters for several virtualization-based technical books. When he is not up to his ears in Enterprise DevOps and Cloud, he is sitting on his balcony quaffing a nice IPA or Porter and enjoying the view.