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7 Remote IT Access Challenges Solved by JumpCloud

IT admins are like dark knights keeping an eye on the systems and network infrastructure. They watch new tickets being added to the stack as soon as employees log in and begin the day. Backed by their skills and analytical thinking, they troubleshoot requests and keep the systems from crashing down. However, their work has become even more challenging, with remote or hybrid work becoming a norm.

Employees who aren’t technically wise depend on IT support staff to solve their issues. It makes it even more critical that IT admins have all the help they need to provide seamless support even when employees are working remotely. With 38% of IT professionals claiming that their biggest challenge is managing remote workers, they require a platform that gives them full-scale visibility and control. It can be done seamlessly with JumpCloud, a powerful solution that simplifies IT management by unifying security, identity, and access management solutions into one platform. This means that IT teams don’t have to work around multiple single-purpose solutions to find the data they need to fix user issues.

JumpCloud for Remote IT Access Management

To solve the remote issues of users, JumpCloud offers a Remote Access solution that combines the power of Remote Assist and Background Tools to form one comprehensive offering to help IT professionals. With Remote Assist, admins can establish live connections with remote users and devices to avoid interrupting the user. As the user goes about their work, admins can fix issues without causing any disruption. Background Tools, meanwhile, allow IT admins to take care of maintenance, troubleshooting, and file transfers all behind the scenes. The solution is designed to create minimal disturbance to end users to improve their experience while giving IT admins complete flexibility and freedom to do their jobs.

Some of the features of the JumpCloud Remote Access solution are

  • Secure peer-to-peer connection
  • Multi-OS support for wide coverage
  • Consent-less access & sessions
  • Integration with PSA, CRM, and ITSM tools

7 ways JumpCloud simplifies remote IT access

Accessing systems remotely can be tricky and, if not done right, can jeopardize the entire network’s security. JumpCloud is a compelling IT solution that allows admins to maintain control of IT resources while end-users can go about their day. Its innovative features allow IT teams to manage several remote access issues seamlessly.

Challenge #1: Distributed user identities making security tough

Traditionally, organizations used on-prem directories to manage user identities. These become irrelevant for remote work setups where user access requests are distributed and disparate. Especially with the cloud-first approach, user identities are managed across platforms and devices, making it a siloed experience. 

JumpCloud addresses this issue by simplifying identity management. It creates a centralized platform to manage user identities, access controls, and permissions.

Challenge #2: Multiple credentials to manage

With an exhaustive number of credentials to manage across platforms, tools, and services, IT admins often get password fatigue. In addition to creating, assigning, terminating, and managing privileges, they also have to constantly monitor the change in access level. 

Instead of controlling a hoard of credentials, they can use JumpCloud’s Single Sign-On capability, which allows admins to access multiple applications and services with just one set of credentials. It improves security and reduces the need to manage several passwords.

Challenge #3: Securing critical data, systems & network

Enabling remote work is a significant threat to critical systems and data. With employees working from diverse locations, the attack surface multiplies while security measures grow thin. In such a scenario, IT admins must implement an extra layer of security to authenticate and authorize users efficiently. 

JumpCloud helps IT teams in this through multi-factor authentication, which mandates users provide additional verification factors beyond passwords.

Challenge #4: Managing endpoint security

Endpoint security becomes a severe issue with remote employees often using various unofficial and unvetted devices to access company resources. Their laptops, smartphones, and WiFi networks have become a security threat. 

However, JumpCloud helps IT staff overcome this challenge by allowing them functionalities to manage device access and enforce security policies remotely to ensure employees use only authorized equipment to connect to the organization network.

Challenge #5: Handling legacy authentication systems

Several organizations still use tried-and-true authentication protocols like LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service). However, these protocols are made for on-prem networks and may not work for large remote work setups. 

IT admins could’ve faced a roadblock without JumpCloud, which easily integrates with these protocols. It allows organizations to use their current infrastructure while transitioning to cloud-based solutions.

Challenge #6: Limitations with diversity of operating system

By allowing remote work, you empower employees to use the operating systems of their choice. This diversity of OS can become a challenge for IT monitoring and tracking using solutions other than JumpCloud. 

With JumpCloud, you get cross-platform support, which means IT admins can handle user identities and access controls across different environments.

Challenge #7: Complex logging mechanism for auditing

Auditing becomes the crux of ensuring compliance and security, especially with remote work becoming the norm. You can seamlessly meet security and regulatory requirements with 

JumpCloud’s auditing and reporting tools empower IT admins to monitor and manage user activities and enforce compliance.

JumpCloud giving superpowers to IT admins

IT admins juggle between multiple security and identity and access management tools to ensure uneventful network management. JumpCloud simplifies the admin process by providing a unified platform for easily navigating different tools and accessing the needed data. Its Remote Access solution was custom-built by combining the capabilities of Remote Assist and Background Tools.

If you want to experience JumpCloud’s capabilities, you can begin with a free account for up to 10 devices and 10 users.


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