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3 reasons to attend Containers Today

Containers are a key technology in the cloud-native movement. Among advantages of using containers are repeatability, containers are the same from the developer’s laptop all the way up to production, immutability, preventing undocumented and unknown changes to the image, and small size, which allow quicker builds, smaller releases and minimize the attack vector, and many other.

It’s not surprising that many, if not all, cloud-native technologies use containers as their underlying enabling technology. They allow for new innovations that change the way we develop, operate and create applications in this age of digital transformation.

That’s why Amazic and LEF M&E organize the Containers Today event in The Hague on June 27th, together with Docker, PortWorx, Sysdig and many others.

The Keynotes

The first keynote will be hosted by Kal De, CTO and EVP of Product Development of Docker. Kal leads the technology strategy and development of the commercial and open source offerings. He’s specialized in scaling high velocity engineering teams. Kal led product development for the Cloud Management Business Unit at VMware.

The second keynote speaker is Eric Han, VP of Products at PortWorx and an expert in Kubernetes storage. Eric is the co-creator of the Google Container Engine, one of the first container runtimes in the industry and now widely used as part of Google’s public cloud services. He was the first Product Manager of Kubernetes.

The Tracks

In three different tracks, our speakers dive into topics relevant for managers, developers and engineers.

Business Track

You’ll learn about new technologies that help you drive business innovation, reduce cost and reduce your time-to-market. In this track, you’ll learn why adopting an Enterprise Container Strategy is crucial to adapt to the accelerating world of innovation and digital transformation. Barriers to enter a market are tumbling fast in many industries, and consumers are increasingly demanding towards digital services and experiences. How do you deliver quicker than your competitors? The answer is not just technology, but also how we empower our teams and organization to unlock their potential.

Developer Track

Our speakers will deep-dive into the technological advancements in the container space, look at the container advantages from a development lifecycle perspective and show you how to release smaller bits of code more quickly, and more safely.

Operations Track

We’ll talk about the Ops perspective: how can your developer release code in freedom, while you are in control, knowing a release won’t bring down performance or cause an outage? How do you know a release is secure and safe? How do you manage stateful container storage with your existing investments? How do you keep control over containers that are spun up and down before your monitoring solution catches them? How can you implement a service mesh to gain operational control over the microservices landscape? These are all questions you’ll find an answer for in the operations track.

The networking

Containers Today is a great place to meet technology partners that help you solve your business challenges. Add in the 400 other IT professionals from the Netherlands that have experiences to share how they tackled similar challenges and know how to profit from container technologies in your business vertical, save costs and accelerate IT.

Registration & info

Convinced? Register here: https://www.containerstoday.com/nl/


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